Exploding Gag

Through the advancements of modern science and technology you can now purchase the exploding gag spring mechanism by itself. Although I had discovered the joys of the freestanding exploding mechanism once it became detached from my exploding lighter, I believe that this really opens the door for all of us practical jokers everywhere.

Image of Exploding Device Prank Exploder used in video

Note that the detached exploding spring mechanism may be sold at novelty shops and on the Internet as “The Exploding Toilet.” It in no way needs to be used in conjunction with the toilet, although I certainly don’t frown upon that use, as the package may indicate. The exploder has a sticky side that will allow you to attach the exploding mechanism to almost anything and everything you can think of. The possibilities are endless.

Lately, I have been on a tear using this modern miracle to wreak havoc upon my friends and coworkers. Because the exploder is so small and sticks to about anything, you can place it under common household objects, such as the television remote, a couch pillow, a bottle of your girlfriend’s hairspray, any food item in the refrigerator or how about lodging it in between two plates in the kitchen cupboard for dear old mom to find? I seriously love these little bastards. Using the exploder, I damn near drove a coworker to tears after getting him every single morning for a week straight. I placed the exploder under his computer mouse, inside a CD case, under his coffee mug, under his lunch plate while he was in the bathroom, and my personal favorite was under his phone receiver. One morning I arrived a little earlier than he did to work, so I took the opportunity to place the exploder under his phone. As he came into his office and had a seat, I dialed his phone from my cell phone so he would not recognize the Caller ID and as soon as he lifted the receiver, the reduced weight set the spring in action and … Whammmy!!

I now carry 2 exploders with me in case after detonation my victim “confiscates” the first spring exploder due to frustration. I’m sure they are thinking, “Hah, I’ll put a stop to this. That joker, see how he likes it if I don’t give this back to him for a day or two. Maybe he’ll stop then.” Little do they know, as they left the room, I just put my second exploder under their can of soda and they are going to get a nasty surprise when they go for another drink of their favorite carbonated beverage.

After anywhere from 20-30 rounds of explosions, the spring on your exploder may become caked in gunpowder residue and could fail to explode when it is supposed to. Don’t worry; just spray a little WD-40 on the spring and you will be back in business in no time flat.

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Funniest Scare Tactics Prank Ever Made

Happy Halloween everyone! In honor of Halloween, I wanted to share this scare prank video from Scare Tactics called:
Channeling the Dead / Gary the Babysitter

For me, this prank video is hands down the funniest Scare Tactics prank that I have ever seen. I absolutely love Gary’s reaction to the scary pranks they are pulling on him. The 8 year old living daughter (Alysa) nails the acting. At one point, she looks like she is about to start busting up seeing Gary freak out!

I just wish that I had access to the effects budget that Scare Tactics does to pull pranks on my friends.

funny computer pranks










Happy Halloween Everyone!

What are your favorite Scare Tactics? Drop me a line in the comments. Happy Halloween!

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Guy Creates A Jawbreaker Shot Glass


That's cool, but the red stripe in the center is a bit sloppy. He should've attempted to clean it up a bit. Also, I really doubting that this would do well as a functional shot glass. Seems like alcohol would dissolve it pretty quick. I'm sure the guy will put it up on a mantle or in his wife's curio cabinet.

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