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Best Sleeping Pranks

Hey here is a prank put any foamy liquid on his hand while hes asleep and then tickle him under the nose he will go to scratch it now he has a mustache (again)

sleeping prank

people saying dangerous? its water at an apartment complex, not that damn deep that they couldn't swim out and save him

That doesn't matter. If the float tipped and he fell face forward into the water (without waking) it would only take seconds for him to breathe in water.

Sleeping Pranks

That's what her face would look like when we're done.

A Sleeping beauty thought it was a car crash


Dumb Car

A girl sleeping... in wait :):)


Scream prank on the way to Key West 2007

Pranking Sleeping Roommate

Who doesn't love pranks?! Sleeping pranks?!!?

Funny Pranks – Submitted by Visitors

Seriously Funny Prank

This is a hell of a Prank!!! Last April Fool’s Day I used this prank on our friend. I made up flyers on my computer that read:

GWM living with mommy looking for daddy. Prefer big black men, long walks on the beach, and being spanked. Call me anytime (cell phone # of friend).

I actually didn’t place them anywhere but I told my friend I did. About an hour later, he got a phone call from a guy named Leroy (a gay friend of ours). “Leroy” left a message saying that he saw his flyer in the men’s room at the 7-11 and that he wanted to meet him.

That was enough to send our friend over the edge. He was pissed. The best part was when he learned it was our friend that called him….whenever he saw “Leroy” at our house he would flirt with him, rub his leg, talk sweet and dirty to him. This went on for about a month. “Leroy was actually gay”. My victim of the joke was an idiot and didn’t believe me for the longest time.

Sand Hole Surprise

I used this prank on my brother when we were on holiday in Spain. When you are at the beach, pick a victim/friend that is lying down on a towel on sand. When they get up, for example go to the restroom or for a drink, remove the towel and dig a hole where the towel sits. Put the towel back in exactly the same place so they don’t suspect anything. When the victim lays back down on the towel, their ass will fall into the hole! The deeper the hole the better!

Rubber Band Bastard Prank

Find a Rubber band (not a really thin one or a fat one) twist up the rubber band (more the merrier) twist until it is a tight coil when you pull the 2 sides, and then find a victim with long hair (shaggy is good). Pull the rubber band apart while still being coiled and then release it in their hair, this will make their hair scrunch up and hurt a lot in the process of trying to pull the rubber band out.

Insane Clown

If you are at a sleepover, grab some make-up and apply it like crazy. Make your face pale white, completely black, or other dark color. Add eye shadow to go on your eye-lid all the way to brow. Use bright red, black, or dark blue, lipstick and apply all over lips and beyond. Finally take RED blush and apply it in a perfect circle). You’ll look like an insane clown!

Shake a person WHILE SLEEPING with the light on and they’ll freak looking at your face! It is so funny! You’ll scare the crap out of your friend!

Beer Balancing Prank

This is GREAT and works best in a crowded bar. Bet one of your friends that they can’t balance a glass of beer on the back of each hand (on a table of course). When the beers are balanced…simply walk out!!! Well worth the cost…truth is no guy would waste two good beers.

Prank Party!

One day get together with a couple of your friends for a sleep-over. Choose one friend before the party and tell everyone you’re going to pull a prank on them. Tell your friends to bring ANY prank stuff that they have. When your friend falls asleep, pull a series of pranks such as:

face fart spray,
gum in hair,
and fingers in cold water.
When you run out of pranks, get a CD and put it in your CD player. Turn the volume all the way up. Tell one person to turn on the light when the music goes off. Tell 2 people to dance on the bed, tell some people to blow whistles and scream. Turn on the music and watch your friend go nuts.

Sour Face Prank

I was over at my friend’s house and it was her 15 birthday and she was having like 9 girls sleepover. We had a lot of fun and her older brother is working in the Science Department and he decided since my friend Kayla (the birthday girl) LOVED sour stuff, he’d make the “Essence of Sour” and it was the sourest thing I have EVER tasted.

Well, me and my friend Brittney both got up to get in the middle of the night to get a cup of water. Brittany got this great idea we should prank all the girls that were sleeping. So, me being the girl to take on any dare, I saw the cup of EOS (Essence of Sour) and decided we should pour it all over the other girls’ toothbrushes!

Wow, were they surprised when they got up to brush their scaggle-teeth! This prank works great at home or at a friend’s house and you don’t have to use EOS. You can wet anyone’s toothbrush and let it soak on a black cherry warhead for like 2 minutes. Those things are pretty damn sour

Ketchup Packet Prank Surprise

Using 2 ketchup packs, (the type used for carry out fries). I laid one on top of another and rolled the bottoms up together like you would a tube of toothpaste. This creates a double sack of ketchup for the assault.

Using a pin, poke a hole in each one near the exposed end seam on the outer sides. Now you have a ketchup pack that will squirt in two directions at once.

To set this funny prank in motion, place the premade pack below the foot under a toilet seat. The unsuspecting victim will sit down and get shot in the “nether regions” as well as creating a scary discharge into the toilet.

I got a guy who weighed about 250 and thought he had injured his rectum. He was relieved and irritated that it was not.

This was one of the funniest pranks I have ever done.

Barfarama Funny Prank

You will need: A regular T-Shirt, A Hoody, An empty water bottle, A long tube, A big school with lots of kids, a principle who’s on your revenge list, A can of Potato Soup, Brown and Orange food coloring, and some friends you hire. Here is your prepwork:

Put your T-Shirt and Hoody on. Lift up your hoody and tape the empty water bottle on your shirt.
Mix the potato soup with brown and orange food coloring and anything you want to use for your barf.
Fill the water bottle with your throw-up and put one end of the tube in the bottle and put your hoody over it all. Run the other end of tube under your hoody to the top where it barely sticks out the top.
If you made a good bottle of puke people will think your friends are eating real barf!

WARNING: With your friends eating your throw-up other people might really barf! Stand Away.

Mean Yet Funny Prank

Have you noticed how many times people rub their eyes? Well they do heaps you just don’t notice. Best to do this at a friend’s house if you are staying temporarily.

Bring a knife and some very hot peppers. The hottest you can get your hands on!
Cut the peppers into really fine pieces while your friend isn’t watching. (you can do it in the bathroom)
Smear pepper juice all over the door knobs in the house (the victim grabs the knobs in the house not knowing of the substance smeared on the knob.
Wash hands thoroughly.
Sit back, act normal, and watch and ENJOY the pain of your victim (rubbing there eyes continuously making it worse).
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